Monday, July 27, 2015

R.a.a.g.f Bunny Cafe

I went to the famous rabbit cafe in Harajuku; however, of all the themed cafes I been to, I felt this one was the most disappointing. I have heard it is really busy and hard to get into without reservations; but my mother and I went during business/school hours in the early afternoon and just walked in. 

We each paid the 700 yen for the 30 minutes. Every guest gets a drink with his or her entrance fee. I chose milk tea. You are only allowed to pet or feed the rabbits. You cannot pick them up. Only one rabbit can be released in the room at a time because they will fight. You can open some of the cages and pet and feed the other bunnies though. My mom and I bought the snacks for the rabbits and feed them carrots and apples. They really LOVE the apples.

We tried to pet and to take photos of the bunny that was running around the room but it was too hyper so we didn't get many good photos. The one strange looking bunny was super soft though! It felt like velvet. 

If you love rabbits you may like this cafe more than me. But I felt the owl cafe was superior to it. The bunnies were cute and it was a fun way to fill up half an hour in Harajuku. 

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