Saturday, July 25, 2015

Fukuro no Mise (Owl Cafe)

The owl cafe was by far the most entertaining animal cafe I have been to in Japan. It is located near Tsukishima Station in Tokyo. Exit the station at Exit 10 and then walk about two blocks up. I actually missed it at first. It is past the grocery store.

We arrived about an hour before it opened. About 15 minutes or so before the cafe opened the staff came out and asked everyone in line what time they like to come back. You are then put on the list. However, you must pay at this time. If you do not come back you will lose 2000 yen.

My mom and I came back at the appointed time. Native Japanese people and foreigners were split up once inside the cafe. Foreigners were placed at the counter and were given a small translation of what the lady was explaining, while the Japanese sat at the couches in the center. We were also given a drink such as lemonade, tea, or juice. Once the explanation was over, everyone stood up and picked an owl to hold. The owl I chose was named Baby. He was very cute! I also held one of the huge owls! They are very beautiful animals. I even put one on my head for a short time. I was afraid it would poop on me so I didn't want it on my head for long. :)

For about 50 minutes we took photos with the owls, petted them, and held them. When time was up we were each given a gift. You were asked to chose between an owl necklace, a small plush toy, a pin, and a few other items. I chose the necklace.

I really enjoyed going to this cafe! It was a completely new experience!


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