Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sailor Moon Exhibition

The Sailor Moon Exhibition was held in the Mori Arts Museum in Roppongi Hills from April 16th to June 19th, 2016. While I was in town for Golden Week, my friend and I managed to snag last minute tickets. 

Most areas were off limits to photography so I couldn't take many photos, but the exhibition was really enjoyable, especially if you are a Sailor Moon fan or if you were a student of animation. 

When you first walked in you were greeted with banners of all the Sailor Scouts hanging in front of the giant glass windows that look out to Tokyo. 

At night time these banners glowed in the dark!

Right before you entered the exhibition tour, you passed a giant image of Serenity. This is a copy of one of the two new illustrations Naoka Takeuchi created for the exhibition. Once inside the art gallery you could see the original illustration. 

There were various things on display in the exhibition. One section displayed old and rare toys, cards, dolls, and other merchandise, as well as the original manga books from the 1990's. There was also a smaller display of new figures created for the 20th anniversary. Original cels and copies of the first episode's storyboards were also on display close by. I especially enjoyed looking at the cels. Near the end of the exhibition there was also a small Sailor Moon musical section display where you could see Prince Endymion's costume. 

However, my favorite section was where Takeuchi's original cover art and other illustrations were displayed. Before entering it, there was another wall mural of Sailor Moon, but this one had Naoka Takeuchi's signature on it. Takeuchi's illustrations were breathtaking up close. I was amazed to learn how much mix-media art she creates. Many of her illustrations featured cut-outs from magazines. 

The one area where you could take photos was the statues of Princess Senerity and prince Endymion. These were simply gorgeous!

On the way to the gift shop there were paper stands of each Sailor Scout. I wish they had been the original 1990's illustrations though. I am not a fan of the new anime's art.

The gift shop featured clearfiles, postcards, keychains, cookie boxes, and tons more. I bought a few postcards, a Sailor Mars keychain, and a clearfile featuring one of the new illustrations created for the exhibition. 

After finishing the exhibition, we went to Chibi Usa's Cafe and had a parfait. The line was long! We waited almost an hour. The parfait wasn't too bad, but I couldn't stomach the syrups and bitter jellies at the bottom. 

While the cafe was a little disappointing, I really enjoyed the exhibition!

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