Friday, March 19, 2010

What Makes a Good Day

I did this for an extra credit blog for my Japanese 2 class.
It is based on what happened to my sister when we went to Japan. She was crying after these evil people yelled at her but then she saw...

And yes, I am lazy... so no backgrounds! : D

I totally looked at the manga Mars for all the motorcycle scenes...And my motorcycle still sucks!

It reads from right to left and the text is Japanese:

English translation:

Page 1
Panel 1: sound effect: shun= "Sigh"
Panel 2:
Black-haired Girl: "It's all right, Ashley-chan."
Panel 3/text box: Today was not a good day.
Panel 4: sound effect: kusun="sniff, sniff"
Panel 6/text box: But, then...

Page 2
Panel 1 and 2: burororo=Rooooom. (engine sound)

Page 3
Panel 2: sound effect: gira="twinkle, shine"
sound effect: nipa="smile"
Man: "Good afternoon/hello."
Panel 3: sound effect: kaa="blush"
sound effect: po="blush"
Panel 4:
Ashley: "What a handsome/attractive man, huh?"
Panel 5:
Black-haired Girl: "Yes, he is." (literally just agreeing.)
Panel 6/text box: Today was a good day.

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